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Working internationally

Working internationally

Working internationally

The University of Wolverhampton has over 100 years experience in transferring knowledge across academic, organisation and governmental boundaries. Real business engagement with tangible results.

With a track record of prestigious awards and professional accolades (including The Times Higher Education Leadership and Management Awards 2013 and accreditation from the UK’s Institute of Knowledge Transfer), the University of Wolverhampton is one of the UK’s largest providers of knowledge transfer between business and higher education partners.

Through our experience, we encourage and support meaningful change across borders and community networks. Through education, dialogue, and collaboration, the University of Wolverhampton can help you to accelerate regional business growth.

Around the world, our award-winning team is trusted by academic partners in Europe, manufacturing stakeholders in Asia, and governmental bodies in Africa; all with the intention to accelerate enterprise activity and to generate regional prosperity.

As we speak,

  • we’re developing entrepreneurship centres in Germany,
  • we’re creating supply chain excellence in India
  • we’re generating business study exchanges in Oman.

And our global impact doesn’t end there..

Our breakthrough work with the University of Maiduguri in Nigeria was awarded The Best International Project at the prestigious, Guardian newspaper’s University Awards 2014. Against a background of violent political and social unrest, our professional team has delivered entrepreneurship programmes to over 170 participants in the region; establishing Nigeria’s very first sustainable Centre for Enterprise and Enterprise Development with a Greenhouse Investment Fund backed by The Central Bank of Nigeria. Our partnerships in Nigeria are providing real opportunity in the region, helping to deliver the hopes of business and their community partners alike.

So, if we’re helping others to succeed, how can we help you?

With your ambition and our global experience we can help build fully sustainable enterprise ecosystems, equipped with the learning tools, culture and creative spaces that make research and development flourish.

We can reach out to and connect with the academic, private, and public partners that are crucial in establishing investment platforms for young businesses. And, we can deliver innovative training schemes that promote excellence in leadership, marketing, and strategy; empowering your staff with the capability to create your own future-state of business excellence today.

So if you have a vision for tomorrow, why not start today? Contact us to see if we can help:

Nigel Birch - Senior Reserach & Development/Knowledge Transfer Business Development Manager


Tel: 01902 321684