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A collection of over 4000 full-text e-books.

PLEASE NOTE: As of 31st October the way you read downloaded e-books has changed. Click More Information for details.

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For details on this resource, see the Dawsonera YouTube guides

As of 31st October, our main e-book vendor (Dawson) is changing the way you read e-books that have been downloaded. Please check below to see if this will affect you:

If you tend to read ebooks online, without 'borrowing/downloading' them, then nothing will change.

If you tend to 'borrow/download' ebooks to read on your own device/computer, the next time you try to do so, you’ll be alerted to some new reader software that you need. Simply follow the instructions you are provided at the point of download to either install Adobe Digital Editions, or the Bluefire reader app on the device you use to read downloaded ebooks with. From that point onwards you’ll be able to continue to read any further e-books you borrow.

If you tend to 'borrow/download' ebooks to read on a University managed computer (i.e. a computer in the library, or other on campus location), you’ll need to follow the instructions linked here, How to access Adobe Digital Editions via our Apps Anywhere platform and then you will be able to continue to read download ebooks as usual.