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Here at the University of Wolverhampton, we have access to some of the best graduate skills in the region. Whether you wish to grow your business but don’t have the resource to do so or have a requirement for extra key skills in your business, our graduate schemes can give you valuable skills, in your company.

Support with recruitment and graduate placements is available for employers through Careers Enterprise and The Workplace

Options available include

Recruiting recent graduates can be a great way to bring new ideas and energy to your organisation while providing valuable employment for graduates looking to start their career. The University of Wolverhampton can assist you in attracting first-class talent to your organisation.

Support with recruitment and graduate employment is available for employers through Careers Enterprise and The Workplace.

To find out more please contact The Workplace on 01902 323400 or email


The University’s Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) puts a highly skilled graduate into a business, working full-time on a strategic project for 12-36 months. The graduate is supervised by a leading academic who is also utilised for knowledge, support, and advice. As part of the KTP scheme, businesses also have access to other University resources and facilities.

More information on how your business can benefit from a KTP can be found at our or call us on 01902 321272.

See how Knowledge Transfer has helped businesses through our KTP case studies below:

KTP Case Study - Johnson Test Papers

KTP Case Study - Black Country Living Museum

Graduates are looking for meaningful opportunities and the chance to prove themselves in a dynamic workplace - ideally in an environment where in time they can make a real difference and be fairly rewarded for hard work and showing initiative.

If you are struggling to recruit the kind of candidates that have lots of get-up-and-go and enterprise, along with strong creative thinking capabilities and the ability to communicate effectively, then you really need to talk to our team. We are talking to these kind of graduates and students every day of the week.

We can match a student or graduate to either your specific project requirements or longer term recruitment needs. The JOBS Board is free to advertise and we can promote your opportunities directly to the right candidates.

To find out more please contact The Workplace on 01902 323400 or email

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