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The University of Wolverhampton offers a range of commercial and business services to support organisations.

Welcome to Business Services

Here at the University of Wolverhampton, we aim to develop lasting relationships with businesses of all kinds and help to play a role in enabling them to grow and prosper. 

Through various support methods, we can help organisations to identify potential problems and, with our expertise, help develop appropriate solutions with impact.

The University is committed to making a positive impact within the whole community. We acknowledge that we have a key role to play in the social and economic prosperity of the region. Through our continued links with industry, we aim to contribute to a stronger, more knowledgeable and resilient business community – providing opportunities for all.

Explore the different methods that the University of Wolverhampton can help you with our business services below:

Our work with Schools and Colleges

We work with schools and colleges to assist learners around the world

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