Our Guide to Clearing

So, what is Clearing then?

So you’ve got your results, they’re not what you expected - they could be better or worse than you anticipated, and you’re not exactly sure what to do next... Welcome to Clearing!

What exactly is Clearing, then? It’s easy to forget, in the build-up to and excitement of results day, that Clearing offers an alternative route into getting enrolled on to the course you want.

In short, Clearing helps you find an available place on a suitable course. From July to September each year, once you have your results, you can use Clearing to find out which courses have places remaining.

Your reasons for choosing to go through Clearing may vary, but the end goal is the same: to get that all-important place on a course at University.

Now that’s cleared up what Clearing is, how can you use it to get a place at the University of Wolverhampton?

Frequently asked questions

You're eligible for Clearing if:

  • you have applied for university places through UCAS but have not received any offers
  • you have not met the grades of your chosen university
  • you have declined the university places offered to you
  • you haven’t already applied for a place at university

After the 4th July, Clearing is the only way to apply for an undergraduate course for a September 2019 start. Clearing officially begins on 5th July and Universities will continue until their courses have been filled.

Our friendly team are on hand throughout this period to help you get a place. Visit our how to apply section for information on how you can get in touch.

Once you’ve chosen the course in Clearing you want to apply for, give us a call! Our Clearing hotline number is 01902 51 85 85.

Have your grades and personal details (address, contact details and date of birth) ready.

We’ll check availability on the course, discuss further details, and could even make you an informal offer over the phone! Alternatively, get in touch on Twitter or Facebook and we can help you with your application via social media.

Whilst A-levels are often considered the main route onto a university degree, BTECs are most certainly just as credible.

For those of you waiting for your BTEC results, here’s a few tips you will want to know ahead of Clearing. 

Start your search early

BTEC results are published a whole month ahead of A-level results day, so you can start your search early. This also means that you won’t have the pressure of finding a place on that one day.

It also means you’re at a massive advantage, as you can start talking to universities well ahead of other students.

Check what courses we have available through Clearing here.

Give us a call!

If you’re unsure about anything to do with your results, the best advice is to give us a call! Our admissions team will be able to talk through your results with you, and help you understand your options.

Contact us on 01902 51 85 85

Ask about employability prospects

Employability is the key focus at the moment, and this is where BTECs come in; they are naturally more employer-focused that A-levels and therefore give you an edge. However, you’ll want to keep this focus on employability going, so make sure you ask a university what they do to help you do that!

For example, did you know that we’re second in the UK for employability*? We off things like fee-free industrial placements, employability workshops and volunteering opportunities to really help you stand out in the job market when you graduate.

Be sure

With all the panic around results and Clearing, it’s easy to lose focus on what really matters; you and your future. It’s important to take your time to make sure that any course you choose or offer you receive is the right one for you.

Taking just a little bit more time to think over your options will do you the world of good, and make sure that the choice you make sets you up for an exciting future.

*Destination of Leavers from Higher Education. 96% of our class of 2015 were in work or further study after six months. For universities with 2,000 - 3,000 graduating students (full-time, undergraduate).


If you got better results than expected in your exams – congratulations!

And if you exceeded the terms of your original confirmed offer, you’re eligible to register on UCAS Track for “Adjustment” – this allows you to reconsider where, and what, to study: perhaps you can apply for your original choice, or re-think your plans altogether.

There will be places available for exceptional candidates like you at University on many courses. We’d welcome your application, so please talk to us!

For our most up-to-date list of courses with places available, check out our website and then give us a call on 01902 51 85 85!

UCAS list all university courses available in Clearing online.

Create/log in to your UCAS Track account. If you are eligible, a Clearing button will have automatically been added to your UCAS Track screen.
Once you have received a verbal offer from us, and you want to accept, click 'Add Clearing choice' within your UCAS Track account and enter our institution details and the chosen course.

We will then receive this notification and confirm your place; this will show as an acceptance on the choices page of your UCAS Track account.

Register for Clearing

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