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Your guide to WLV student support

Whether you’ve just started with us this January or are a few weeks into Semester 2, we hope the thrill of being a fresher is still very much alive for all first year WLV students.

You’ve met your lecturers and classmates, assignments are due, your reading list is longer than your arm… it’s probably all starting to feel a lot more ‘real’. Maybe you’re even starting to feel a bit overwhelmed?

Don’t panic. At the University of Wolverhampton, we recognise that your first year can be a trying time, when you’re getting your head around your workload at the same time as adjusting to university life. So, let us take the pressure off…

Speak up to your SU

If you have concerns, doubts or worries then let your voice be heard by your Students’ Union. Run by students for students, the SU offers free professional, confidential and impartial advice through its Advice and Representation Centre – drop in at City Campus, book an appointment or get in touch online or on Twitter.

The SU looks out for your physical and mental wellbeing too, with its Well@Wolves programme. Arts and crafts, cooking workshops and doggy de-stress sessions aim to get you to FeelWell, LiveWell and StudyWell, as well as giving you a chance to make new mates and declutter your head!

Students' Union doggy de-stress 

Find new friends

Feeling homesick? Missing family and friends? Studying is important but we all need to give ourselves a break now and then.

Drop by the SU to find out about volunteering activities, upcoming events and how you can join like-minded students as part of one of the SU’s many societies. Uncover great student nightlife, including regular socials at Walsall Campus’s SU bar which you can get to by the free inter-campus bus. And don’t forget our very own Arena Theatre’s seasonal schedule of big screen flicks, open mic nights and thrilling theatre.

Student nightlife 

Access support and seek counsel

Anyone can experience mental health difficulties – and a significant transition in life, like undertaking university study or moving to a new city, may prove especially challenging. If you need help now, the University’s Mental Health and Wellbeing team is on hand.

We help with a variety of personal issues and offer free and confidential counselling if you feel your ability to fully engage with your studies is suffering.


A space for reflection

Everyone is welcome in our Chaplaincy, whether you follow a faith or not. It includes a dedicated space for quiet reflection and prayer, as well as a comfortable lounge where you can have a moment to yourself over a hot drink. Our multi-faith team of Chaplains are experienced in offering confidential guidance, advice, support and spiritual direction.

Multi-faith Chaplaincy 

Look after your body, look after your mind

Exercise has been shown to boost serotonin levels – so get involved with our enriching sport and fitness programme to stay active, healthy and happy! From competitive and social sport opportunities to gym workouts and weekly exercise classes, we try to make it easy for you to fit some physical activity into your day.

Students' sport and fitness programme 

Alternatively, you might be looking to escape your student digs or lecture halls to get some fresh air. Explore green and pleasant spaces in Wolverhampton and surrounding areas to clear your mind between study sessions.

Get in touch with your FSS

If you’re seeking specific support with your studies, then your Faculty Student Services (FSS) is first point of call! They’ll be able to help with things like module registration, course-based enquiries, SAMS appointment bookings, assignment hand-in and more.

Don’t forget: Skills for Learning is a useful resource where you can find helpful guides for cracking that all-important assignment.

Faculty Student Services 

Money worries?

If funding your studies is becoming a source of anxiety, don't let it become a problem too big to solve. We can help you work it out - speak to our Gateway team or your FSS for advice and information on tuition fees, invoicing, debt, student loans and other financial support.

Financial support 

Mentors make a difference

Our Careers team offers support to help you achieve your post-uni career aspirations, but did you know you can also benefit from free career advice from the people who’ve been in your shoes?

The WLV Online Mentoring service connects you to our global alumni community of over 100,000 graduates around the world – so you can get support from mentors with the knowledge, skills and experience you need! Sign up now.


Need online assistance?

When the trusty ‘turn it off, turn it on again’ approach doesn’t work, log your request or fault with IT Services. You’ll also be able to get support with accessing the myWLV Student Portal, downloading software using Desktop Anywhere, how to print/ scan and more

IT Services support 

Full support, whatever your circumstances

Our all-inclusive approach to student support here at the University covers other avenues that are specific to certain students’ needs. You can find more information about some of these highlighted below: