Our University of Wolverhampton Commitment Statement

Working in partnership with you 

You have made a commitment to your future by choosing to come to this University. Thank you for choosing us.

The pathway towards achieving your degree is one with highs, lows, and everything in between. However, you are not alone! Obtaining a degree is a partnership between the University and you.

It's important that you achieve the right balance between your studies, social, home and work life. 

In order to succeed and achieve your goals during higher education, you will need to put the hard work in - but the University and Students' Union can support you in many ways to help you achieve your full potential and ensure this opportunity is the positive, life-changing experience you hoped it would be. 

This commitment statement sets out what you are expected to give and what you gain by involving yourself fully in all aspects of University life.


We are committed to working with our staff, our students and our Students’ Union, as a partnership to create the best possible learning and support experiences for all. This document, co-written by staff and students, sets out our commitment to each other, identifying our collective values, expectations, and responsibilities. We value our students’ unique and distinctive identities, lived experiences, voices and feedback and we will be responsive and proactive in our commitment to our students to ensure that we act with integrity and purpose.

We will work together to create the conditions for social, cultural, and economic impact in our staff and students, their communities, their employers, in our partners and networks. We aim to create a community with an atmosphere of trust, harmony, and mutual respect where everyone should feel safe. We are proud of the contributions that we and our alumni make to local, national, and global communities.

This commitment statement has been approved by the Officers of the Vice Chancellor and endorsed by the Students’ Union.

Treat others in a respectful manner at all times and be considerate to the needs of fellow students, staff and visitors to the University.

Be aware of the University's Policies and Procedures and ensure that I fulfil my associated responsibilities such as timely enrolment and attendance.

Engage fully with the university and the opportunities it provides on campus and online.

Work hard and, to the best of my abilities, attend and participate actively in scheduled learning or development activities.

Use digital communication appropriately and in accordance with the university’s netiquette policies.

Acknowledge, respect and learn from the diversity of the university population.

Be responsible for my own learning including independent study.

Make the most of all feedback given to me and seek support to act upon it if needed.

Be aware of the need to maintain academic integrity and seek advice and support if I need it.

Ask questions and talk to my tutors, my academic coach/my personal tutor/supervisor/online support team about how I am experiencing my study and how they can support me.

Take up the support and development opportunities and the range of services offered that will support my progress on my course and prepare me for my future.

I will take care of my physical and mental health and seek appropriate support if I need it. 

Respect individual, communal and university property and not use it for unapproved purposes.

Take precautions with my personal security, carry my ID card and comply with requests from security and professional services staff.

Raise concerns in an appropriate manner using the relevant procedures.

Act as an ambassador for the university on placements, while volunteering, or working and socialising where I live. 

Treat others in a respectful manner at all times and be considerate to the needs of fellow staff, students and visitors to the university.

Recognise our staff, students, and alumni as our greatest asset.

Strive to be an inclusive community and foster a sense of belonging in all student groups.

Be approachable and seek out students’ experiences.

Support student engagement through pre-entry and induction activity, high quality learning and teaching experiences and access to a range of academic and personal resources and support services.

Plan and teach an inclusive and up-to-date curriculum that provides educational challenge.

Recognise and address barriers to engagement and participation to support your physical and emotional wellbeing which enhances your learning experience.

Provide clear assessment criteria and accessible and useful feedback to support effective learning.

Review and monitor academic regulations and awards to reflect sector standards.

Provide opportunities to develop personal, research and employment-related skills to complement advice on career development from academic and professional staff.

Invest in our continuous professional learning to enhance your student experience.

Connect you to useful professional networks and encourage you to cultivate your own networks to enhance your own employability prospects.

Continually to monitor and review response times for university communication.

Be clear about when we are available and when we are not available to respond to student emails and requests for support, attempting to create healthy work life balances for all in the university community.

We will respond to emails within 3 working days.

Use clear and transparent language to communicate with you regarding matters that relate to your university and student experience.

Take responsibility for the safety of all students and staff and adopt a zero-tolerance approach to discriminatory and offensive behaviour and to sexual misconduct and harassment.

Continue to support you after graduation, with guidance on careers and further study, through our Alumni Association.

Inspire and empower students to get the best out of the University experience.

Be inclusive by celebrating students’ diverse backgrounds, experiences, and identities.

Host a wide range of events and activities for you to take part in and enjoy.

Strive to deliver services which are open and accessible to all.

Provide opportunities that will have a meaningful, positive impact on both your student and your personal life.

Offer you independent advice to guide you through your student journey. 

Give you things to do outside of your academic studies, like joining one of our societies or volunteering in the local community.

Provide you opportunities for development through paid and voluntary roles.

Represent you and your student voice to the University.

Listen and act upon the feedback that you give us.

Provide spaces for you to make friends and feel safe.