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Community engagement celebrated


A long-standing partnership with a local community deaf group has been celebrated at the University of Wolverhampton.

Sandwell Deaf Community Association (SDCA) presented a ‘Working in Partnership’ plaque to the University to celebrate seven years of working together.

The partnership enables students on the University’s successful BA (Hons) Deaf Studies and Interpreting courses to gain valuable work experience, volunteering opportunities and placements.


A number of University graduates have also secured jobs with the Association on completing their studies.

Sarah Bown, Senior Lecturer in Interpreting and Deaf Studies said: “We are honoured and proud to receive a ‘Working in Partnership plaque’ from Sandwell Deaf Community Association, which is a shining example of our long-standing reciprocal relationship between SDCA, the academic subjects, staff and students. We look forward to many more fruitful and enjoyable years of working together.

“These special relationships are immeasurable in their value to the students who study this discipline and in turn, enrich programme delivery, student employability opportunities and scope of service to the respective deaf and hearing communities.”   

Leanne Hickenbottom-Marriot, Chief Executive Officer at SDCA said:  “It is a fruitful and mutually beneficial relationship that we have fostered throughout the years we have been collaborating. We have employed alumni of the course during this period as a result of our confidence in the quality of the candidates graduating. We have also been able to support interpreting students during their training via for example, volunteering opportunities with our Deaf community and provided valuable contribution to the development of those who have undertaken a final year work placement with us. 

“Here at SDCA, our staff in turn benefit from supervising these interpreting placement students which contributes to their continual learning and professional practice.”

The BA (Hons) Deaf Studies and Interpreting programmes and the Communication Support Unit for Deaf Students at the University of Wolverhampton were established in the early 1990s.

Since then, professional working relationships have been established across the public, private and charitable sectors with a diverse range of organisations and individuals who work with and for the Deaf community. 

For more information about courses, visit: or visit the University’s next Open Day on Saturday, 16 November 2019:

Further information

Centre holding the plaque (L-R) Leanne Hickenbottom-Marriot, Chief Executive Officer at SDCA and Sarah Bown, Senior Lecturer in Interpreting and Deaf Studies at the University of Wolverhampton, pictured with Kristian Dekesel, Principal Lecturer in Interpreting and Deaf Studies and University of Wolverhampton students.

Date Issued: Friday, 25 October 2019

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