Wolverhampton Screen School

Building on the established reputation and specialisms at Wolverhampton for delivering subjects such as Animation and Games Design, we are delighted to bring together disciplines under one brand 'Wolverhampton Screen School’.

Our new multi-million pound, Screen School, represents a radical transformation of our educational offer – providing an impetus for our ongoing commitment to regional upskilling, nurturing talent for the careers of tomorrow for local regeneration. Ongoing course development will dovetail with industry requirements, economic regeneration and social mobility of students in our increasingly ‘buzzing’ region to offer a new epicentre of screen based creativity for the West Midlands.

Screen School will be a public facing and dynamic industry-linked space to promote, develop, produce content designed for screen based media through the existing courses: Animation, Computer Games Design, Film and Television Production, Multimedia Journalism. We are exploring and developing further opportunities (e.g. Visual FX, Cyber Psychology and other exciting cross disciplinary areas) to empower our students with specialist skills and opportunities to work with a range of practitioners towards professional industry facing outcomes.

We intend to provide a new and diverse talent pipeline to address the shortage of graduate skills in such creative industries both locally and nationally. As such, this allows the ethos of the Wolverhampton School of Art to flourish and innovate as part of an emergent technological frontier.

Undergraduate Open Day

Jun 2023

On Campus Event

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Postgraduate Information Event

Mar 2023

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    Our brand new multi million pound screen school houses a host of state of the art facilities for your chosen subject.

    Journalism students have access to our large Radio Studio, suitable for recording podcasts, a TV Studio, individual editing suites, a Newsroom with editing suites in perimeter and large amounts of meeting rooms and prep space.

    Film and TV students have access to all facilities within the screen school including our large TV Studio including attached control room for green screen and more. Our Foley Room houses facilities for sound recording, podcasts, voice-over work, and also boasts   multi-use screening Room that can be used for filming and instruction. Screen School also houses our post production room, a Mac Lab and our PC editing Suite

    Computer Games Design and Animation students have access to all Screen School facilities but specifically our Motion Capture Suite, green screen and extremely versatile multi use studio.

    Our sound recording room and games base room with consoles are perfect for Esports events and our dedicated Gaming PCs allow the latest creations to be tried and tested. Our Animation Base room within Screen School is complete with Cintiq drawing pads as well as six Individual Stop Motion Animation Booths. All animation and games design students have access to large areas of Animation Teaching Space.