Community support services

NHS and local mental health trust support links can be found below, whether you already have something in place or wish to access specific support.

Please be aware that local NHS provision is based on your GP and now your address. You must register with a local GP when moving to university.

  • If you need immediate help, but it’s not an emergency, go to or call 111.
  • If you are a Black Country resident (Wolverhampton, Dudley, or Walsall), contact Black Country Healthcare: call 0800 008 6516 or visit:


National mental health organisations


Addiction support services


Further community support services

Anxiety UK:

About Anxiety UK: "Anxiety UK was established to promote the relief and rehabilitation of persons suffering from agoraphobia and associated anxiety disorders, phobias and conditions, in particular, but not exclusively, by raising awareness in such topics."





No Panic: 

About No Panic: "No Panic specialises in self-help recovery and our services include providing people with the skills they need to manage their condition and work towards recovery, enabling them to lead more fulfilled lives."


Students Against Depression: 

About Students Against Depression: "Students Against Depression provides you with a calm environment and the resources to help you find a way forward - a website offering advice, information and guidance to those affected by low mood, depression and suicidal thinking." 


Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM): 

About CALM: "We’re the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) and we’re taking a stand against suicide. That means standing against feeling sh*t, standing up to stereotypes, and standing together to show life is always worth living."


Togetherall logo



About Togetherall: "Togetherall is a safe, online community where people support each other anonymously to improve mental health and wellbeing. Whether you’re struggling to cope, feeling low or just need a place to talk, Togetherall can help you to explore your feelings in a safe supportive environment."


The University has arranged for all our students to have access free-of-charge to Togetherall, a 24/7 digital mental health and wellbeing service which offers self-help resources and online support. 



About Papyrus: "PAPYRUS Prevention of Young Suicide is the UK charity dedicated to the prevention of suicide and the promotion of positive mental health and emotional wellbeing in young people."



 Staying Safe: 

About Staying Safe: "The Staying Safe website is a potentially life-saving resource developed by 4 Mental Health, with invaluable input from our Expert Reference Group of international academics, people with lived experience (including of surviving a suicide attempt, self-harm, supporting a friend or family member or bereavement by suicide), suicide prevention experts, mental health practitioners, general practitioners, policy makers, public health experts, sector experts, educationalists and concerned citizens. offers compassion, kindness and easy ways to help keep people safer from thoughts of harm and suicide, seek support and discover hope of recovery through powerful videos from people with personal experience."


Stress Management Society: 

About Stress Management Society: "The Stress Management Society is a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping individuals and companies recognise and reduce stress. Since our inception in 2003, our dream has been to create a happier, healthier, more resilient and sustainable world."


About Stress Busting: "Stressbusting is a site about stress and how to beat it. Learn about the causes, symptoms and treatments for stress and take our unique stress test."

NHS Health A-Z: Student Stress:

About NHS Health A-Z: "Your complete guide to conditions, symptoms and treatments, including what to do and when to get help."


Hearing Voices Network: 

About Hearing Voices: For people who hear voices, see visions or have other unusual perceptions. "We are a small national charity whose work is mostly carried out by volunteers (including the trustees). We aim to raise awareness of the diversity of voices, visions and similar experiences · Challenge negative stereotypes, stigma and discrimination." 


Living with Schizophrenia: 

About Living with Schizophrenia: "Living with schizophrenia was launched in 2013 in the UK to provide a platform for those living with schizophrenia in the wider sense: sufferers, carers and relatives, to try to bring a fresh insight to the subjects of schizophrenia and schizo-affective disorder and to provide information about the condition to all those living with it. We hope also that the information in these pages will be of use to those working in the field of mental health and will help to improve awareness of the condition in wider society."

Bipolar UK: 

‌Bipolar is a severe mental health condition characterised by significant mood swings including manic highs and depressive lows. The majority of individuals with bipolar experience alternating episodes of mania and depression. 1.3 million people in the UK have bipolar. That is one in fifty people‌.

Bipolar UK is the only national charity dedicated to empowering everyone affected by bipolar to live well and fulfil their potential.

Beat Eating Disorders: 


National Centre for Eating Disorders: 

The National Centre for Eating Disorders (NCFED) has a nationwide network of counsellors specialised in the management of eating and weight problems.



Talk Ed (Formerly A‌norexia & Bulimia Care): 

Talk ED is the new name for Anorexia and Bulimia Care. Talk Ed are a national charity supporting anyone affected by any eating disorder or eating distress. They will meet you wherever you are in your journey, with personalised support.



‌A recovery focused charity. OCD UK provides evidence-based information, advice and support to those affected by Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.


OCD Action:

The OCD Action Helpline and Email Service is a confidential and unbiased service offering help, information and support for people with OCD, carers and anyone who is concerned that they, or their friends or relatives, may have OCD or a related disorder.  

Self-harm is when somebody intentionally damages or injures their body. Support is available for anyone who self-harms or thinks about self-harm, as well as their friends and family.

See the NHS health A-Z: Self-harm


Other useful contacts

Relate: the relationship people 


Relate is UK's largest provider of relationship support and can provide help for:

  • Relationships
  • Sex life
  • Family life and parenting 
  • Separation and divorce
  • children and young people
  • young adults

M‌arie Curie:

Marie Curie is the UK’s leading end of life charity. They provide frontline nursing and hospice care, a free support line, and a wealth of information and support on all aspects of dying, death and bereavement.


‌Cruse Bereavement Support: 

Cruse help people through one of the most painful times in life – with bereavement support, information and campaigning.



Samaritans is a registered charity aimed at providing emotional support to anyone in emotional distress, struggling to cope, or at risk of suicide throughout Great Britain and Ireland, often through their telephone helpline.


base 25

The Sanctuary Cafe @ Base 25:  

Based in Wolverhampton, The Sanctuary Cafe is a safe place and friendly place for over 18's to access support from outside your usual mental heal services hours. If you are feeling low, lonely, isolated or are struggling to cope, the Sanctuary Cafe is a place that you can contact and visit to get the support that you need. 




Horizon Sexual Assault Referral Centre:

Based in the West Midlands, Horizon support the victims of Rape or Serious Sexual Assault. We provide a service to men and women who have experienced rape or sexual assault.



The glade:

Based in Shropshire, The Glade support the victims of Rape or Serious Sexual Assault. We provide a service to men and women who have experienced rape or sexual assault.

Carers UK:

Carers UK give carers expert advice, information and support. They campaign and innovate to find better ways to reach and support carers.


Contact your local council if you are concerned about a child or vulnerable adult 

City of Wolverhampton Council:



Telford & Wrekin Council: 



East Staffordshire Borough Council: 



Contact the Forced Marriage Unit (FMU) if you’re trying to stop a forced marriage or you need help leaving a marriage you’ve been forced into.


Karma Nirvana: 

Karma Nirvana work to end Honour Based Abuse in the UK. They run the national Honour Based Abuse Helpline, train professionals, gather data to inform policies and services, and campaign for change.


Female Genital Mutilation is illegal in the UK. 

All women and girls have the right to control what happens to their bodies and the right to say no to FGM.

Help is available if you have had FGM or you're worried that you or someone you know is at risk.


Anti-slavery International: 

Anti-Slavery International is the world's oldest human rights organisation, campaigning for freedom from slavery for everyone, everywhere, always.








‌‌The modern slavery collection brings together documents and promotional material related to the government’s work to end modern slavery.

image of ACT Early logo

ACT: Action Counters Terrorism: 

Report terrorism activity online. If you've seen or heard something that is suspicious and may be terrorism related - report it anonymously.

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